Multiple Zones – CENTAUR Software

Multi-Zone Grid Generation

CENTAUR has the capability of generating separate meshes in multiple regions.


  • Reduces memory required for the creation of large meshes
  • One-to-one node, face and edge connectivity supported
  • Abutting disconnected regions supported
  • Zones can overlap if needed
  • Element sizes match across interface
  • Different element types in each zone
  • Different material properties in each zone (e.g. solid and fluid zones)

Applications of Multi-Zone Mesh Generation:

  • Flow-Structure Interaction
  • Conjugate Heat Transfer
  • Rotor/Stator Geometries
  • Overlapping Grids
  • Modular Mesh Generation
  • Parallel Mesh Generation
  • Very Large Meshes

Example: Notched Geometry

The picture below shows a simple notched geometry.

Single Zone Hybrid Mesh:

Single zone mesh with prisms growing from all walls shown in the surface grid above.

Two Zone Hybrid Mesh:

The geometry is split into left (yellow) and right (blue) zones. The mesh in each zone is created independently from the other zone catering to the local geometry and field. The meshes transition smoothly across the interface.