Company – CENTAUR Software


CentaurSoft is a pioneer in computational grid generation for flow simulations. Driven by our passion for engineering design, we provide a suite of tools for flow simulations in engineering systems.

For over 25 years our international team of experts has created a unique US – Europe collaboration. Our company stands for gender equity with 50% – 50% distribution of co-workers.

We advocate a high degree of loyalty to our customers and in response we enjoy a high customer retention rate. More than 75% of our clients are more than 10 years with us.

CentaurSoft offers exceptional customer service. We respond and handle user support issues with top priority. We customize CENTAUR to fit your needs and deliver custom releases without extra costs. Our user support includes both remote and on-site sessions. Our HelpDesk is operated by grid generation experts.

Our CENTAUR software helps you reduce cost and time of product development. We tackle the most time-consuming parts of an engineering design process. With our software you can handle complex geometries and flows. We provide software that is automated, customizable, and operable by non-experts. CENTAUR generates all types of computational grids. It allows user control of mesh quality based on your specific flow solver. It is modularized for re-designs and repeated mesh generations. CENTAUR is applied to a wide range of engineering applications.

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