Services – CENTAUR Software


Support packages
Special support packages are available that are tailored to meet your specific needs.
We offer training options including webinars, WebEx-based personalized sessions and on-site visits.
On-site support
User support can be provided at your location by our expert engineers.
Connect to the user
Access HelpDesk Articles or create HelpDesk Support Tickets for answers to common problems. Both online and locally-accessed manual, online tutorials / videos, and WebEx sessions are available.
Custom software development
Customize CENTAUR to fit into your simulation / design process chain. Create custom interfaces to your in-house tools. Write custom scripts to accelerate / automate your CAD and Grid Generation tasks.
On-demand mesh generation
Our engineers have 20+ years of experience with CFD applications. They will work with you to create meshes specifically tailored to your applications and specifications.