Francis Turbine – CENTAUR Software

Francis Turbine

The CENTAUR integrated system was used to produce a hybrid grid for the Francis turbine case study. The procedure followed and the timings corresponding to each phase are summarized below:

  • Auto grouping / setup of interfaces: 10 minutes
  • Cleaning and geometry editing: 15 minutes


  • Hybrid mesh consisting of approx. 20M elements: 30 minutes


  • Preparation of the module to be redesigned (distributor): 5-10 minutes
  • Parts-based meshing: 5 minutes (only one part is being remeshed)

Hybrid mesh for the runner and stay vanes
(mesh scales calculated automatically – no user interaction)

Fully hexahedral mesh for the draft tube


Other tools in CENTAUR suitable for relevant applications:

  • Mesh cloning: The mesh for a single blade / vane is repeated automatically to form the entire geometry. The mesh generation time is significantly reduced.
  • Modular meshing: Faster and more accurate redesigns by re-meshing only the parts of the geometry that have been changed.
  • Mesh deformation (e.g. adjustment of blade angles).
  • Solution-based mesh adaptation (e.g. y-plus based near wall redistribution).